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植物性乳酸菌のパイオニア 株式会社バイオテックジャパン

Corporate Philosophy

Our Themes

We have three themes to observe in the course of under taking our business.


We will contribute to health and happiness of a maximum number of people by responding to their needs of eating healthy and delicious foods.


We will provide high quality services by using safe materials under safe environmental condition through our research and development of substitute additives as well as our unique technology based on natural fermentation.


We will try to grow as a company that walks hand in hand with mother nature by shaping our business in such a way that the job we do will improve the ecology through our technology such as soil improving microorganisms.


  • We contribute to the society by maintaining our high corporate ethics and ideals
  • We will constantly create new values in the food industry as the pioneer of plant origin lactic acid bacteria


  • We will innovate biotechnology with our motto of "Health" , "Safety" , and "Ecology" in mind, and
  • We will deliver things trustworthy such as "Technology" , "Product" ,and "Marketing",as well as heartfelt messages such as "Dream" , "Culture" ,and "Mind" to the next generation, and
  • We will create the world's leading edge"Bio Valley"in this place.

What is the world's leading edge "Bio Valley" which we are planning to create?

We plan to establish a world's leading edge industrial and
research & university town in the surrounding of our company.


1994Establishment of Biotech Niigata Corporation株式会社バイオテック新潟設立
1995Headquarter plant and R&D center completed
1996Corporate name changed to Biotech Japan Corporation
1997Patented (Bread production method, frozen bread and frozen dough)
1999Patented (Green tea fermented substance and its food and beverage)
2000Entry into low-protein cooked rice business
2001New plant completed for the production of low-protein cooked rice
Patented (Production method of sour bread)
Patented (Production method of diet rice)
2002Entry into business of lightly fermented powder for bread making (Joint venture)
2003Patent applied (Production method of low-calorie cooked rice)
Patent applied (Wheat scouring method using lactic acid bacteria fermentation)
Patent applied (Production method of low-protein bread)
2004Patent applied (Brown wheat fermented by lactic acid)
Patent applied (Production method of flavored bread)
2005Patent applied (Production method of extra-low protein bread)
Patented (Production method of rice powder for baking bread)
Patented (Production method of diet cooked rice)
Patented (Production method of diet flour)
Completion of new plant for the production of low-protein bread and control house
2006Patent applied (Production method of low-protein rusk)
Patented (Production method of wheat cheese fermented by plant origin lactic acid bacteria)
Patented (Production method of soybean milk cheese fermented by plant origin lactic acid bacteria)
Patented (Production method of rice bran fermented by plant origin acid bacteria)
2011Completion of the Plant Origin Lactic Acid Bacteria Fermentation Libratory and View Factory.View工場・植物性乳酸菌発酵研究所竣工
2013Patented (Production method of anti-mold liquid for food)
Patented (Production method of low protein food)
2014Acquire FSSC22000
Completion of the 2nd Fermentation Loboratory, Delivery center. 第2発酵研究所 開設・出荷センター 竣工
2015Patented (Production method of long life packaged rice)
Patented (Production method of rice and packaged rice with spice)
Established Biotech JP Corp. バイオテックジャパン フィリピン子会社設立

Protein-adjusted Food

After a meal, protein is broken down during the body's normal metabolic processes. Waste from this action is filtered by the kidneys, then excreted in urine. However, if the function of kidneys due to diseases deteriorates due to disease or congenital predisposition, this process of disposal does not work well. Waste enters the blood instead and causes uremia, which in turn can cause fatigue and loss of appetite. To counteract further degradation of the kidney, it is essential to reduce the ingestion of protein in order to decrease the burden on the kidneys. Staple foods, such as cooked rice and bread that contain a reduced amount of protein for such an objectives, are called "protein-adjusted food".

Not only do BTJ’s products preserve functions of the kidney but they also allow kidney patients to enjoy a more normal life via access to their staple food. In traditional low-protein diets, animal products and vegetable products are removed from the food plate, lowering the amount of calories that the body intakes. With low-protein rice, one can continue consuming valuable carbohydrates, while keeping protein levels low and calorie levels to energy enhancing amounts that patients and sufferers need to retain and maintain healthy body weights.